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Infernal Views

A park nestled precariously on lava rock with streams of magma

One of the original scenarios from RollerCoaster Tycoon 2, now in RCT3 style

- The lava and magma isn't real.
- You can clear the water if you want to look at the "lava" from a far without that turning into a dark color.
- You don't need a mod, just RCT3 with its expansions.

After you download it, you can put the file on : C:Users"your username"DocumentsRCT3Start New Scenarios, or Scenarios {in my case}.
If you put it in "Start New Scenario" file, you can edit the scenario just as you like before playing it.

Section Scenarios
File Size 1.61 MB
Date Uploaded May 8, 2024