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NOTE: This download will only work in OpenRCT2. Using the latest release (0.3.3) or develop builds is highly advisable. If this scenario doesn't work for you, just simply update to the latest release or develop builds and it should work just fine.

Here is the shop profit-focused cousin of the infamously difficult Rollercoaster Revolution from Mythic Conquest... Infinite Insanity! Here, the guests actually aren't as unhappy and hungry this time around, but you still have to contend with the following:
- 13,500 initial cash with no allowed loans!
- Advertising, once again, is not allowed in this scenario.
- Guests are very poor, coming with only 19 bucks on average. They additionally are quite thirsty as they come with a 69% initial thirst. Couple that with the park being "Pay to enter park / Pay per ride", and you really don't want to charge anything for the park entrance at all.
- 254x254 map size, but land and construction rights are insanely expensive, costing 200 per tile. Which means, you will spend over 11,000,000 (!) just to buy all the land and construction rights!
- Park rating and guest generation are, as usual, harder than normal.
- You don't get the information kiosk, restroom, and first aid room at the start.
- The roller coasters you start with generally are quite nauseating or expensive.

Goal: To achieve a monthly profit from food, drink, and merchandise sales of at least 30,000!

Good luck and enjoy. If you even complete this scenario, I have four things to say: congratulations; you really had so much time to spare and you will find yourself asking why too; you are in the highest echelons of skilled RCT2 play; and most importantly, please notify me if you complete the scenario.

NOTE2: Like with all other scenarios I have made, this scenario will be updated to make use of the .park format once it gets officially released, which will result in many changes, including but not limited to: more rides, all RCT1 footpaths and assets available, and more rides/scenery/objects than what the old SV6/SC6 formats allowed.

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Date Uploaded May 14, 2021