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Here's a little girl who just had a hard time sleeping.

Her anxious feelings of adolescence are quarreling every day these days.

Conflicts escalated, and worse joy ran away alone!

Beyond the memory land where Joy's disappeared, the character islands of the girl from childhood began to crumble.

The memories that once made her happy are quickly forgotten, lost in light and thrown into a deep, wide valley of oblivion.

Cure her soul, so that she won't wake up next morning with losing her feelings.

Light up the dark valley and rebuild the fallen islands, as well as find joy!

It's because amusement parks are the brightest when they give joy to someone!

Get 2,800 forgotten memories(guests) within 7 hours, before the girl wake up.

* Play tip 1 : Watch the movie before play this scenario!
2 : Check invisible road.
3 : Use the valley of oblivion enough, then go up to the cliff.

Section Scenarios
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Date Uploaded Feb 27, 2019
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