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Howdy, this is my first time uploading an rct3 file on this platform. I don't work for Intamin (obviously) but this is called the "Monster Model" due to the fact being that this thing is a beast, there are a total of three inversions, a couple of airtime moments, and a whole lotta fun. This coaster is meant to be in large scale RCT3 parks, so if you have a park that is big enough to fit this ride, go on ahead with using this model! Most Importantly, if you want this to work you will need to download the Intamin Blitz CTR Pack which is at the bottom of this text. Have a screaming good time on the "Monster Model"!

(Sorry there is a picture of fire Mario, I was trying to upload an image of the coaster but it did not work}

Link to the CTR:

Section Tracks
Type Steel Roller Coaster
File Size 80.07 KB
Date Uploaded Mar 9, 2020