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This CTR features 5 Intamin looping trains on both the extended track and the Stormrunner track.

The first train is the newer Intamin lapbar train that is seen on 10 inversion coasters such as Altair.

The second train is the 1st gen looper that is seen on coasters such as Monte Makaya and Cop Car Chase.

The third train is also a 1st gen train however it features disabled access in one row wth the removal of a seat and restraint, this is seen on some trains on California Screamin' in real life.

The final two trains are 2nd gen loopers and are based on the trains used on Colossus at Thorpe Park. One of these trains resembles before modifications were made to prevent riders putting their legs outside the train.

The other train resembles after the modifications were made, the most noticable of these was the changing of the restraints to ones that were flatter on the bottom as well as adjustments to the seat angle.

This download has now been updated to include a new train based on Red Force at Ferrari Land, PortAventura.

Section Tracks
Type Intamin Looper
File Size 4.72 MB
Date Uploaded Sep 14, 2020