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Excitement Rating: 7.49 (High)
Intensity Rating: 6.30 (High
Nausea Rating: 3.21 (Medium)

I'm back with a new/old coaster. Cosmos wasn't that great, so I gave it a new name, color scheme and supports. Yes, low-tech Matthew who took a week to figure out how to even turn his computer on (true story) has figured out how to support things. You will need the following five sets:

Jcat's Steelworx
Moby's Steel Jungly (v2)
Moby's Glasshouse and Frameworx
ATH Catwalk Set
CoasterFreak90'2 Station set

Feel free to alter as you see necessary, and enjoy!

8/2/14 UPDATE: YAY! Intimidator hit 50 downloads! Thank you!
8/4/14 40 Downloads in 2 days. Will we hit 100? only 9 more!
8/6/14 WE HIT 100! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Section Tracks
Type Floorless Coaster
File Size 112.31 KB
Date Uploaded Jul 30, 2014




Sorry about the pre-built supports showing up. Not entirely sure why they did that


This crashes RCT3.


That's not god


Good! That's not good! It's not god, either, though