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Fireworks show to the panic at the disco version of Into the Unknown from Frozen 2!! No custom content but goes with the music, lyrics and beats perfectly ^_^

Section Pyrotechnics
Type MixMaster Show
File Size 691 KB
Date Uploaded Sep 11, 2020




loooking awsome



music. Couldn't figure out how to add the music for download :(


It's actually quite easy to get those, Allyalvic. All you have to do is go to https://ytmp3.cc/ and get them there. Then you have to convert those to wma (I use the VLC method, but I'm sure you use a different method.) You might not want to do that anyway, it's copyrighted. The VLC method is: 1. Open the VLC Media Player and select File->Open file make sure you select the audio file 2. Select File->Convert/Save and click the Add button. Make sure the audio file is selected, and that the little dropdown menu is set to asf, and that you need to put wma as the extension in the destination file field (just replace the mp3 at the end). 3. Select Start. And then if it minimizes you, reopen it and press the play button. And then it should start converting the file. Wait for it to complete, and there, that is the VLC method for you!


And if you don't have VLC, you can get it here: https://www.videolan.org/vlc/index.html