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The king has been crowned! Into the Woods is a monster of a coaster with a maximum height of 402 ft. It reaches a top speed of almost 100 mph, with a record-breaking 10,002 ft of track. Despite it's epic proportions, the ride still has a realistically survivable layout. The maximum vertical G's is 5. I entered this in Roundup 200. The station area is a small town with two identical sides, Entrancide, the people too afraid to ride, and Exitside, those who have already ridden. The only thing that separates the people of the two towns is courage. You choose, which town will you live in.

POV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbAuouoikSY&t=139s


Section Tracks
Type Stratocoaster
File Size 980.9 KB
Date Uploaded Dec 15, 2017