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As the name obviously points out, this is a 4x4 inverted hairpin coaster that gets no stat penalties, but it has a rather high intensity rating for its size due to excessive lateral Gs - I can't just do a replica of the 4x4 steel wild mouse coasters without the stats becoming terrible. Why? The inverted hairpin coaster has a highest drop height requirement of 22 ft (7 m), which I just barely satisfied with this design by way of a two-element small downwards turn immediately followed by a tiny turn, which luckily fit in the required 4x4 area but gave me 2.97 lateral Gs (at least it's still below 3.11). Ultimately, it worked well in the end, and this design is proof that 4x4 inverted hairpin coasters can work.

I will do a v2 of this that removes the brakes entirely, thus reducing the running and build costs.

Space required: 4 × 4 blocks
Cost to build: 2,844.00

Section Tracks
Type Inverted Hairpin Coaster
File Size 252 bytes
Date Uploaded Mar 6, 2021