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hay guise it drew_ here n this my new koastor it an inverted harepen it got lots of sweg and blaze and it is pink and white n it look gr8 i hope u vote 5 me cus i spent 30 min on this i try very hard

excitement: alot
intensity: very alot
nausea: none

also 2 download u need jcate stellworx thts it

thx m8's of rctgo

(yes this is a joke, i feel like people are trying to hard for build it and/or care too much for it and take it too serious)

Section Tracks
Type Inverted Hairpin RollerCoaster
File Size 2.77 MB
Date Uploaded Oct 1, 2014


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Joking aside, it looks nice, so good job with the 30 minutes spent on it. Wish I could get results like this in 30 minutes lol