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Iron Patriot is a B&M Hyper that stands 220ft high and reaches a max speed of 78 miles per hour. The ride has a basic out and back layout but has several elements to keep the ride fresh. This ride is themed after the good ol U.S.A. so if you love Murica download this ride, or terrorists win. If you're not a fan of America then this ride is themed after the Cook islands, cause no one can hate them because no one can find it on the map; and since they are sinking that's probably going to remain the case :( This is my 3rd coaster made with NL2, I made a hyper because I wanted to incorporate the splashdown at the end.

Iron Patriot POV:

Section Tracks
Type B & M Hyper Coaster
File Size 74.15 KB
Date Uploaded Dec 22, 2014




I wanted you to win, too bad it didn't work out!


This was a great entry!

Matthew 57971

nice work man !