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Iron. Iroon. Irooon!

(As well as rainbooows)
I mean, doing the ride you will see rainbows, and some birds, and a part of you leg on the ground...
This Floorless Roller Coaster has 2 tracks.
Ex. R., In. R. and Na. R. is on the screenshots

(Contains bonus: Iron Park!)
The track and park don't need addons or CS.

EDIT (2020): I have no clue how this track ever got so many downloads, it's intensity rating is really high and the track is just badly designed. I have no idea what was going through my head to upload this 5 years ago. What's up with the name though, how did I think of that?

Section Tracks
Type Floorless Roller Coaster
File Size 153.62 KB
Date Uploaded Dec 15, 2015
Liked by SamDogy