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Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls! This is the moment that you'll remember as the moment that we've caught Jack Sparrow.. err, cloned DINOSAURS! After all those years we've managed to built this park with real dinosaurs and a lot of 'awesometacular' attractions! This park is based on the films, upcoming film and original book.
Note: this is my very first park :D

Section Parks
File Size 15.11 MB
Date Uploaded Mar 30, 2015




shows that an "object file" is missing, won't start up, Pity, was looking forward to this one


Looks like custom scenery, mind if you link where you can download it?


if i look at the screen, than i think there are some objects from the ExpansionPacks there.
Because CSO's will be safed normally into the safegame file, so if you don't have these, you'll become it after opening the file.
So if it doesn't open up or a error appears, maybe you have only the "vanilla" version of RCT2, but the safegame needs the ExpansionPacks, too.

A reason why uploader allways should wrote in the description which version of RCT2 is needed or the scenario is builded with, to avoid such bad suprises after downloading.