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The ultimate theme park including a grand entrance, car park and great looking area with all the theme parks facilities by the entrance. It also has areas separated off on islands. It has a total of 21 roller coasters, 16 flat rides, 4 water rides and 2 gentle boat rides.

It's roller coasters include a RMC, inverted coaster, flying coaster, two hyper coasters, a 300 feet giga coaster, a dive coaster, several junior coasters, two twin track wooden coasters, wooden wild mouse, spinning coaster, looping coasters, twin track suspended swinging coasters and a stand up coaster.

It also has flat rides including all drop tower types, spinning flats, go karts, motion simulators and 3d cinemas. Also has all the types of water rides including dinghy slides, splash boats, water coaster and log flume. Also has two gentle boat rides including swans on a track and rowing boats.

1. Anubis (Inverted 6 inverting coaster)
2. Bat Altitude (Flying coaster)
3. Black Chariot (Hyper coaster)
4. Cuckoo (Wing coaster)
5. Diving Falcon (Dive coaster, dropping out castle)
6. Flying Caterpillar (Junior coaster)
7. Grand National (Twin track wooden coaster)
8. Green Jacks (Wild mouse)
9. Jungle Run (Twin track wooden coaster)
10. King Arthur (Junior coaster)
11. Little Ladybird (Junior coaster)
12. Mad Mouse (Spinning wild mouse)
13. Man of Steel (Looping twister coaster)
14. Red Fox (Hyper coaster)
15. Storm Rider (Wooden coaster)
16. Swinging Cars (Twin suspended swinging cars)
17. Swinging Floorless (Twin suspended swinging floorless)
18. The Beast (Stand up coaster)
19. Uranium Launch (Twister inverting coaster)
20. Wail Heights (305 feet giga coaster, 93 mph)
21. Wild Storm (RMC)

Thrill Flat Rides
22. Avenging Aviators (Motion Simulator)
23. B-Movie Giant Spider Ride
24. Berserk Spin
25. Candle Stick (Themed drop tower)
26. Castle Karts (Go Karts)
27. Downward Hatch (Drop tower)
28. Enterprise
29. Escape Hatch (Launch tower)
30. Magic Carpet
31. Roto Drop
32. Rounded Up
33. Thrill Raiders (Motion Simulator)
34. Whip

Gentle Flat Rides
35. 3d Cinema - Mouse Tails
36. 3d Cinema - Space Raiders
37. 3d Cinema - Storm Chasers
38. Dodgems

Water Rides
39. Daredevil Dinghies 1
40. Daredevil Dinghies 2
41. Splash Mine (Log flume)
42. Splash Drenching (Triple drop)
43. Wacky Waves (Water coaster)

Gentle Boat Rides
44. Rowing Boats
45. Swans

*May need OpenRCT2 to play because of RMC... https://openrct2.org/

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Fred 104 4276

Your parks would be better off with more B&M launched coasters.