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It Has Not Been Processed
I am currently dealing with some issues with my workplace insurance who hasn't paid out my weekly payment since I submitted the necessary documents to them over a week ago. I've been calling every business day, asking them about having processed the document or the payment, and I have been getting some mixed answers. Some say I haven't and some say I have. I feel angry and irritated by this, and while I could analyse what the cause of all of this (to be honest, it is lousy workmanship from their end) but instead I've decided to use this energy proactively by creating this rollercoaster. I initially went crazy with the building but ended up with something simple since I just didn't like the outrageousness of the initial designs. That is the only positive to come out of this - that I am creating with this bolt of anger striking me.

Excitement: 4.56 (Medium)
Intensity: 8.31 (Very High)
Nausea: 5.59 (Nausea)

Section Tracks
Type Stand-Up Roller Coaster
File Size 1.06 KB
Date Uploaded Mar 16, 2023


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Fred 104 4276

Why are you spamming the website with your weirdly named and poorly designed track designs? Is there something happening to you?