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There are 2 possible destinies for this little town. Will you build Pottersville? With lights and noise and huge rollercoasters making millions? Will you build Bedford Falls? A lovely space to walk around looking at scenery, enjoying some pleasant rides and enjoy some holiday cheer? The choice is up to you. Weather your are Mr. Potter at the Bank, or George Baily at the old Baily Building & Loan, have fun, but always remember to watch the bottom line. A run on the Bank could ruin your whole park. Merry Christmas!

Section Scenarios
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Date Uploaded Dec 23, 2022


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Hey there, my buddy and I recently saw "It's a Wonderful Life" for the first time ever together over the holidays, and then were so excited to randomly find your park scenario soon after. The execution on this is super cute and accurate. I love how you're basically egging the player to build everything closer to Pottersville lol

Take a look here at what we did: https://imgur.com/a/VyRFv25