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Another ginormous giga coaster, except this one has a single station and cable lift hill. Not only that, but halfway through the ride, just as you think the train will hit the eventual brake run, it instead suddenly accelerates around a turn that would put the Intimidator 305 to shame all the way up to 123 mph, climbing another 420 ft hill, barely reaching the little chain lift piece on the top and doing the same thing all over again on the other side. I'd actually ride this in real life XD.
Unless the scenario has no money, this 62 x 28, >20,000ft monstrosity is yours for only $ 127,457.
OpenRCT2 will be required since it contains those OP boosters.

Section Tracks
Type Giga Coaster
File Size 1.6 KB
Date Uploaded Jun 2, 2023
Liked by Fred 104 4276


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Fred 104 4276

If you use the latest develop or release build of OpenRCT2, you can use the launched lift hill too.