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"Beachfront property" it said.
You don't recall the advert mentioning anything about a lake of lava, but here you are anyway.

You are Joe Exotic.
Somehow you've convinced the bank to give you a loan, only to then blow it all on a theme park in a volcano. And, given that the merry-go-round kills EVERY guest that rides it, your new park is exactly as dangerous as it sounds, and the lawsuits will be piling up any day now.

Can you financially recover from this?

This is my first custom scenario, and it's a bit of a sh**posty mess. I aimed for it to be difficult and more than a little weird, but not anything *too* crazy. The interest rate is high, the initial ride selection is poor, and the park is actually quite small. But there is plenty of room to expand, IF you can muster the cash...

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Date Uploaded Jan 8, 2022
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LOVED THIS! so unique, cool, funny, and challenging. Love the idea of starting with a beat up park rating. there are all these random funny things that make it so fun! LOL. I was able to beat this in year 2, a little faster than I expected, the (bobsled coasters were a little op with some tweaking). plus I took advantage of that moded wild side friction coaster! the challenge is so unique because you are fighting to stay out of debt. I just wish i knew ATMs are not available, i spent the entire time researching for that lol. let me know if you like my park! and PLEASE !!!!!! keep making challenges like this!!! Here's my completed park in year 4!! https://rctgo.com/downloads/view/joe-exotics-fever-dream-completed.21694