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This is my first attempt at a entrance. It is a large entrance with a parking lot, gas station, baggage check points, and other items. It was uploaded as a structure so please place it in Documents,RCT3,structures. I have put a lot of CSO's into this and would like to thank some of the people who made them.
Maddox61's Bus stalls, Disabled Parking, Double yellow lines, Double white lines, white lines and yellow lines.
Xisties Furniture, Parking lot update, don't know the creator, Park entrance essentials Part 1
Info Kiosk MJ's Streeway
Mikey's road signs and many more.
You don't need any CSO's to make this work, but it you wish to add to it be my guest.
It is a large file and may take some time to register when you first place it. Any problems please let me know and If I can help I will.
Thank you and enjoy.

Section Structures
File Size 38.21 KB
Date Uploaded Jun 14, 2018
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