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Zipping through the jungle and soaring over trees, this racing wooden coaster, Jungle Run, does this and more. Each side of the dual racing Jungle Run has just under a mile of track with plenty of colossus drops, air-time hills, and twisting turns at the base of the jungle. With a 121 foot drop, Jungle Run propels riders to the jungle floor at 65 MPH. After the first drop, the racing trains rise above the canopy and come back down, in the first of many float hills. The trains then travel up and down copious float hills which provides riders with over 20 seconds of air-time throughout the ride. The cars traverse down to the jungle floor where there are many twists and turns, through the trees, plants, and a lake. With 30 drops, Jungle Run, will give riders the rush of their lives.

Basic Test Results:
Excitement: 5.31 (High)
Intensity: 11.05 (Extreme)
Nausea: 7.30 (High)

Even though this coaster was made in RCT2 you can still get the coaster for RCT3 because of the ability to convert RCT1 and RCT2 tracks into RCT3.

Section Tracks
Type Wooden Roller Coaster
File Size 17.57 KB
Date Uploaded Dec 24, 2012






I voted for you!


'Like'! congrats!


I voted for you too congrats and how do you convert this to a rct3 track


I voted for you too congrats and how do you convert this to rct3 track


can't delete or edit double post sorry guys new here so I'll figure it out sooner than later


You put the track in the coaster file. Then when you are in a park in RCT3, you go to rides, and click on the hammer and wrench. Once you click on that, Jungle Run will be in there.


I like this track. I never thought of doing a crossover and making a twin all one track. Now I've got something to work on.

Terry Inferno

I've never looked at the screenshots close enough until today to see the guests who are randomly wandering around in the jungle.