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Hello! :D

This track comes from an idea that I had a while ago, which consists of turning water rides into dark rides. Jurassic Swim is the 3rd of them.

One idea that I had for a dark water ride was to display dinosaurs inside a regular building. I took that idea and pushed it further by theming the ride entirely around the jurassic theme. Of course, I put dinosaurs and skulls around the ride (basically what I find in the Jurassic Theming in the game), but also I made the building as a cave. Unlike my other dark water rides, I added a queue path and an exit path and made them cross over the ride as an alternative.

Done without cheat or custom scenery.
See final screenshot for statistics.

I hope you like it. :D

Section Tracks
Type Boat Hire (Water Tricycles)
File Size 5.32 KB
Date Uploaded Nov 26, 2023
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We don't see enough tracked boat designs! Definitely adding this to my list of stuff to explore when I get out of hospital, this looks so fun and different! Always blown away by your creativity around here :)