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Hello Happy February to you all! Just thought I would show you a few good things that my sister did as she was messing with me a bit bullying me some which was fun then ugh! So somehow for a whole few days! My sister bought the whole land of this park and as I built a wooden inverted suspended coaster a while back in one of my parks! She somehow built a dueling wooden inverted coaster and did the wood supports as they do look interesting and a weird said my sister! Named Flying Wooden Planes, at the north right corner of park! There is a terrain steeplechase coaster named farmland rails, which is based on some African single rail coaster I saw on youtube https://youtu.be/IozDEFFzSZQ?si=EdB0htP0C7YaZYkT which was fun to do as my sister also build a texas farm/barn house like at the top of the hill which the runaway plumber is under by but helped the stats of the ride anyways, and at the left side of the park, together my sister and I have did sort of a waterpark as it was our first time we sort of built a waterpark but in a regular way, a dueling waterslide, and specially with a chairlift ride, by sister built a very tall one which resembles a zip line cable ride which are fun to ride as I have butterflies riding those, but fun dangerous then, a long terrain power mine train coaster themed to oil, which texas has oil founded oil around 1910s, a openrct2 cheat inverted shuttle coaster which turned out very nice my sister did the octopus with the beanstalk trees and the pumpkin head, a hyper water coaster like, and a custom vekoma shuttle coaster half of boomerangs!

Heh well all I can say that Katie's World/Dreamland is much better now enjoy Katie's World has all kinds of attractions for everyone!

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Date Uploaded Feb 6, 2024