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---Kentucky Kingdom 2021---

Located in Louisville, Kentucky, the park opened in 1987. Six Flags bought the park in 1998 and operated the park until 2010. It was then sold due to bankruptcy.

For the next 2 years, there were multiple attempts to revive the park. Finally in 2012, the former owner planed to reopen the park.

After 4 dormant years, it reopened in 2014. Many adjustments were made; such as adding Lightning Run and and Hurricane Bay expansion. In 2021, Herschend became a major partner.

This a re-upload from 2014. Link: https://rctgo.com/downloads/view/kentucky-kingdom.11112
The base of the park is very similar. Minor path re-configuration on the first half. Most of the updates occurred on the other side of the road. Specifically the water-park

The original design can be found at:
———Credit- Track_designer_RCT3 from rctgrotto.com—————

--Needed items can be found in the readme--

Section Parks
File Size 1.16 MB
Date Uploaded Oct 25, 2021




I am completely at a loss....in the readme you say "SLC (in game) and I have no idea what coaster that can be! Running through ParkClean Up I get the error message: tracks\trackrides\ctr_ingame_track\ctr_ingame_track" Any help would be appreciated as to where I can download this. Thanks


I've added an upload for it. https://rctgo.com/downloads/view/vekoma-slc-car-ctr.21599


Thank You....Downloaded the file and installed it. Still get the park to open for some reason. Ran it through ParkClean UP, did a "Clean UP", saved the file and then the saved file and got "No errors found". Tried to open the park and the game shut down for some reason. Have no idea why....Maybe when I downloaded the file it got currupted....going to try and download the file again, run it through ParkClean UP again, save it see if I get the "No Error found" and try to open the park again.


NICE, BRO! However, you may need a new link for the original SFKK file. I already downloaded the original file, but when I tried to see if the link still worked, the download button was just text, no link. It truly was "RCT Ghetto". I'll upload the original file here.