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King Canyon Theme Park

(This park contains no custom scenery, but there is a multitude of custom pyrotechnics required to receive the full night-show experience. You can download them all from this Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/home?preview=RCT+Pyrotechnics.zip

>> Remember to first extract all files, find your RCT folder, then place the contents of each downloaded folder into your game folder with the same name (i.e. FireworksEffects, LaserEffects, etc.).
Welcome to King Canyon theme park, the park with perhaps the largest vertical height difference you have ever seen in a theme park! Seriously, if you are afraid of heights...come anyway :D, but it may be daunting to experience if you remain on the top of the canyon.

King Canyon Theme Park has:

12 Rollercoasters
Two separate levels of thrills: One on the top of the canyon, one at its base!
An elevator + stairs connecting those two levels
Two Chairlifts connecting either side of the top portion of the canyon (Fear of heights tickled yet?)
Monorail transport at the canyon base
Many many MANY thrill rides
A night-show complete with the finest Pyrotechnics!
A junior section
A 3-Slide waterpark complete with a Lazy River
A mini-safari
A golf course
An overlook over the entire canyon
3 Food Courts


File Size
12.77 MB
Date Uploaded
Nov 12, 2017