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This was alot of fun to create because I wanted to challenge the restrictions and because I'm obssessed with loops, I wanted to see how many I can put into a single ride without it looking unappealing. The trick here was keep the loops closer together and intertwined with the rest of the ride. The key is to make mirrored pairs of loops every so often. I was hoping for a more balanced rating outcome but alas, the intensity rating is through the roof.

Excitement Rating: 6.95 (High)
Intensity Rating: 11.22 (Extreme)
Nausea Rating: 6.42 (High)

This is a twin-station rollercoaster that operates with synchronization which is exciting addition to this sort of ride. This rollercoaster does not take up alot of space in a park and part of it runs underground.

Section Tracks
Type Steel Twister
File Size 509 bytes
Date Uploaded Sep 6, 2020