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Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure. The type of coaster that I used to make it is Hershey's Stormrunner. When it opened in 2005 it was the tallest and fastest ride in the world, now it is only the tallest. Made by Intamin. There is no custom scenery.

Basic test results:
E 7.20 High
I 8.27 Very High
N 5.79 High

Section Tracks
Type Stormrunner
File Size 69.82 KB
Date Uploaded Sep 13, 2012




why do people make this again and again and every time it the same ride


Well I Made this one because all the other Kingda Kas have very bad ratings or are to small. However this one is the right height and peeps will actually ride it.


if u want to make a realistic recreation, u rly have to replmove the casual supprts and use some more cs..


to actually make stuff good, you need to add scenery