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-Includes Twisted Timbers-

The park is located just north of Richmond, VA in Doswell. Following the success of Kings Island, Kings Dominion opened in 1975. The star attraction at the time was a 1/3rd scale of the Eiffel Tower. The park has seen 4 owners during it's span. KECO owned it from 1983-1992 and added Anaconda. The water park now known as Soak City opened in 1992 as Hurricane Reef.

Paramount Parks saw the biggest additions such as Flight of Fear and Volcano. The kids area was themed to Hanna Barbera and Scooby-Doo. The rides added from 1993-2006 were themed to shows and movies of Paramount.

Cedar Fair purchased the park in 2007 and has owned it ever since. Dominator and Intimidator highlight the Cedar Fair era. Recently the park has been going back to pre-Cedar Fair and Paramount themes such as Candy Apple Grove. Twisted Timbers replaced The Hurler in 2018.

Trees aren't dense in most area areas. More have been deleted since the pictures were taken. To try and keep the size down, I didn't add any around the border of the park. No custom supports on Anaconda. I noticed Safari J's Arrow Pack pick had a big impact on the slowness in the area. Slow in the Entrance and Old Virginia area due to the amount of trees and Eiffel Tower structure.
Needed items are in the readme.

The park takes about 3 minutes to load. I just started year 2 with 1,700 guests.

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Could you make a Carowinds recreation with the Copperhead Strike roller coaster that is going to open in 2019?


R.I.P Volcano The Blast Coaster.


Volcano is gone


I am young, age is between 8-12, but, I went to Kings Dominion very first time in June 2018. Volcano was closed, I wasnt 54 in. Then, Coaster Studios made a vid about Volcano closing and I cried. I love and know about theme parks and roller coasters so much, and I was upset and pondering why they had to close suck a GREAT RIDE and ONE OF A KIND! The closest thing you could do to ride it now, is VR. R.I.P Volcano The Blast Coaster 1998-2018 died at the age of 20..


Dang it. It crashed me...probably bcz I installed about all the cs you said to install on the README