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Kings Island opened in 1972, north of Cincinnati, OH. It's the parks 2nd location after being east of Cincinnati when it opened in 1886. This was KECO's first park which later acquired Kings Dominion and Canada's Wonderland.

The Beast opened in 1979 is the longest wooden coaster at 7,359 ft (5804 ft in game). Like Kings Dominion, a 1/3rd scale of the Eiffel Tower is included. In 1999 Paramount Parks purchased and had themes from Nickelodeon and Top Gun.

One of the worlds most famous defunct coasters, Son of Beast opened in 2000. When it opened it had 7 wooden coaster records including a loop. It closed in 2009 and torn down in 2012. When Cedar Fair bought the park in 2006, additions such as Diamondback debuted in 2009, In 2014, the world longest inverted coaster at 4,124ft (3,729 in game) replaced Son of Beast.

Up until 2013, the Planet Snoopy area was the biggest in the Cedar Fair chain, overtaken by Kings Dominion. Soak City, the adjacent waterpark included in admission opened in 1989, is not present in the this download.

Normally there are a few Issues in most parks that bug me, but none really stood out in this one. Here are a few:
- Lengths on Banshee and Beast. All other coasters lengths are very close.
- Ripcord's supports only included.
- Train is shortened due to no stop at Soak City.
- Vortex's track from the mcbr, to the end.
- The Cyrpt's building is omitted.
- Racer is not sync'd.

Needed items are in the folder. If you have downloaded any of the other recent parks such as Carowinds, Canada's Wonderland, and Kings Dominion then this park will load. I cut back on custom tracked rides, which really helped with running the park. In my game, there are 4000 guests in year 2 and takes about 3:20 to load, the lag is hardly noticeable compared to the other 3 recent downloads.

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File Size 2.92 MB
Date Uploaded Jun 23, 2019
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My old Kings Island, uploaded on August 10, 2013 had 3323 downloads.


Are Soak City and Mystic Timbers included in this 2019 recreation of Kings Island?


No Soak City, it's mentioned in the 4th paragraph. Mystic Timbers appears in the the picture with Diamondback and Beast.


YES!!! My old home park!


i can't find the Crazy Bus