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POV : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZF0gS0nVQ3U

The Knights Of The Air
Dedicated to Major Malcolm Etherington killed in action by friendly fire May 16,1916

Major Etherington formed the 77th Royal Air Squadron early in Jan 1916 to provide defense against the German Zepplins,
The "Knights Of The Air" are Born.

Amid AA bursts; Dense fog below 5500 feet; and Enemy MG fire
the "Knights Of The Air" are on patrol the morning of May 16,1916
when the 3rd & 19th Aero flottes are flying in the scottish highlands on the way to Glasgow....of the 12 Airships ; 7 are destroyed.

A Fully enclosed family oriented Suspended Swinging Coaster

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