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In the deep woods of Japan, there was two old witches, Kurima and Kuthuru.
They aren't your typical witches; if they see you, and you're good, they'll grant a "witch" (wish) but if you have been bad, they turn you into the spirit realm. Maybe you'll meet Chihiro.

A long while later, Kuthuru and Kurima went on a spiritual realm to find where they're long lost sister, Yubab.. I mean.... Kurasekki. On their adventure, they went into the deeper part of the woods to find her. But, alas, they aren't finding their sister.

A month later, they're still looking when a giant dragon rains down the remains of several entities, including their sister.

In a frantic rush, they brew up a spell to rebirth the life of Kurasekki. After 20 minutes, all 3 witches return home and start chanting their favoured song. "Double, Double toil and trouble; fire burn, and cauldron bubble."


8.88 Excitement rating
9.74 Intensity rating
5.68 Nausea Rating

Max Speed: 69mph
Average Speed: 18mph

Ride Time: 2 minutes 15 seconds

Total Air-time: 6.03

Drops: 16
Inversions: 7

It should run in RCT2, but if it does not, it definitely will for OpenRCT2.

If you want to see the full stats, check the last screen-shot!

Thanks for downloading! And let's have another great round!

Section Tracks
Type Floorless Rollercoaster
File Size 27.29 KB
Date Uploaded May 24, 2016
Liked by ChrisMDB