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La Ronde 2018 Download

The park is located north of Montreal, Quebec on an island. It opened as part of the World Fair in 1967. Six Flags bought it from the city in 2001.

Monstre is the tallest duel tracked wooden coaster in the world at 130.9 ft. 2nd on that list is American Eagle at Six Flags Great America at 127ft. Despite being owned by Six Flags, the park does not contain any Warner Bros or DC Comics branding. Due to not knowing where Chaos will be located, the 2019 addition, I did not add it.

Custom items are in the readme.

Angles on Goliath, Monstre and Vampire.
Design of Mille-Pattes.
Missing stands around lake.
Catapulte is just scenery designed.

Section Parks
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Date Uploaded Dec 4, 2018




The Boomerang stalls on the cobra roll. The launch speed has to be at least 44mph.


Yes! It's La Ronde. I've been there in August 2016. Thank you for making this.


Do the Hopi Hari Park that is in Brazil please!!


OMG! Why do ur projects have to be soOO big. They always crash me.


Im suprised u haven't done Carowinds! XD