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Marineland has way to many animal abuse scandals, so come to Landland right across the river!

Featuring 25 roller coasters, this park is guaranteed to have something for everyone. It even has two themed areas, Frontier City and an unnamed Sci-Fi area because I didn't get to that. The star attraction, Dragon Peak, is like Marineland's Dragon Mountain but better in every way imaginable. We even have a water park, LandSea! This park is so great we reached 5,000 guests the all natural way!

From John Boler, park inspector, to Buckwheat John Cletus Van Halen, Frontier City's star, Landland has a staff that will make you feel at home.

no custom anything needed because personally I don't mess with that kind of stuff

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Date Uploaded Sep 16, 2019
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Well... i prefer Landland, not for the animal abuse stuff, but 25 coasters.