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Try your hand at running this fully-developed theme-park.

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Date Uploaded Sep 30, 2019


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I made a list of all the rides...
1. Aeropollo (Inverted roller-coaster with 6 inversions)
2. Coal Runner (Mine train roller-coaster)
3. Creeky Carts (Wild mine train coaster)
4. Demon’s Flight (Park’s smaller invert with 5 inversions and indoor tunnels)
5. Dragon Slayer (B&M Wing coaster with 6 inversions)
6. Fallen Angel (Flying roller-coaster turning over to face sky 4 times)
7. Grand Checkers (Twin track wooden coaster, 90 feet, 53 mph)
8. Ladybug (Junior coaster)
9. Mad Mouse (Steel wild mouse)
10. Maximum Thriller (Giga coaster with 220 feet drop at 86 mph)
11. Necromancer (Morden trained corkscrew coaster with 6 inversions, air-time hills and underground tunnels)
12. Outlaw (Wooden coaster at 115 feet and 58 mph)
13. Python (Stand up coaster with vertical loop and double corkscrew)
14. Rambler (Articulated trained wooden coaster)
15. Reaper (Floorless coaster at 115 feet, 59 mph with 7 inversions)
16. Tsunami (Hyper coaster at 160 feet and 71 mph)
17. X-Factor (LIM launch coaster with quarter loop, 4 inversions and speeds of 62 mph)

18. Arachnis (Rotating spider ride)
19. Avenging Aviators (Motion Simulator)
20. Berserker (Top-Spin in super extreme mode)
21. Deadfall (150 feet Roto drop tower)
22. Dropper (90 ft, 52mph drop tower coming through ground)
23. Lifter (90 ft, 49mph launch tower coming through ground)
24. Fusion (Top Spin)
25. Galaxy (Enterprise)
26. Grand Prix (Go Karts)
27. Intensifier (Top spin in more extreme mode)
28. Lochness (Inverted pirate ship)
29. Lost Voyage (Pirate ship)
30. Mouse Tails (3d Cinema)
31. Orbit (Space Rings)
32. Seer (Magic Carpet)
33. Space Raiders (3d Cinema)
34. Storm Chasers (3d Cinema)
35. Thrill Riders (Motion Simulator)
36. Tornado (Rotating ride)

37. Belmont Gallopers (Double Decker Carousel)
38. Circus
39. Confusion Shacked (Crocked house)
40. Crashers (Dodgems)
41. Fun House
42. Galloper’s Glimpse (Single Deck Carousel)
43. Good Wheel (Ferris Wheel)
44. Hall of Mirrors (Mirror maze)
45. Haunted Adventure (Ghost Train)
46. Hole-In-One (Mini golf)
47. House of Horrors (Haunted mansion scare maze)
48. Prison Break (Haunted Jail House scare maze)
49. Saucer Derby (Flying saucers dodgems)
50. Scenic Cruisers (Taxi car ride)
51. Spiral Hedges (Maze)
52. Spiraler (Spiral slide)
53. Top View (Double deck observation tower)
54. Vintage Cruisers (Gentle Car Ride)

Transport Rides
55. Chairlift
56. Scenic Express (Two station train)

57. Log Hauler
58. Splashdown Plunge (Super soaking water ride)
59. Wild Rapid River (River Rapids)

Gentle-Boat rides
60. Hydro Skids (Bumper boats)
61. Lucky Swans (Swan boats)
62. Rowing Club (Rowing boats)