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A theme park with a giant lake in the middle that has four islands for areas with major roller coasters. It has themed castle bridges with shops to get to each of the islands.

The roller coasters are dive coaster with a under lake tunnel, 2 junior coasters, wooden coaster, launched top hat coaster, hyper coaster, inverted coaster, RMC, flying coaster, X-dimension coaster and spinning coaster. Has three flat rides and a zoo tracked ride. Also has a river rapids with soaking drops and waterfalls plus a themed water coaster.

1. Devil’s Dive (Dive coaster), 1.4m
2. Dragon (Junior coaster), 0.9m
3. Dust Devil (Wooden coaster), 1.2m
4. Formula 1 (276 feet, 91 mph top hat), 1.4m
5. Lech (Looping coaster), 1.4m
6. Mako (Hyper coaster), 1.4m
7. Palace (Junior coaster), 0.9m
8. Purple Pretzel (Inverted coaster), 1.4m
9. Rolling Vengeance (RMC), 1.4m
10. Stingray (Flying coaster), 1.4m
11. The Coaster King (Spinning coaster), 1.2m
12. X (Multi-dimension coaster), 1.4m

Flat rides
13. Forge, 1.4m
14. Leafy Swing, 1.3m
15. Top Spin, 1.4m

Track rides
16. Zoofari, Any height

Water rides
17. Expédition Splash (Water coaster), 1.2m
18. Rolling River (River rapids), 0.9m

Section Parks
Date Uploaded Dec 2, 2021
Liked by Jettomukade, adk