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Giant Turtle Island that led us into the imaginary sea of childhood.

She, the guardian of all marine life, is called the "Mother Tuttle."

Once every five years she fell into the deep sea and took a long rest, and just woke up.

Before she goes back to sleep, make the imagination of as many people as possible come true in the time given to you.

Her back is very hard, but it's not impenetrable.

But if you digs too much into her, she may die and sink. Now it's all up to you.

Get 2,700 people within 5 years! It would be tough mission without marketing.

*Former post named 'The starry night' is my upload mistake. Please download this version!

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Date Uploaded Feb 24, 2019




Amazing! You rock!


Great stuff! :)


Exclamação, NieSch / Thx!!! :)


That’s the cutest turtle I’ve ever seen!