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In a park where October lasts all year,
A monster lives to instill your fear.
With rocks around the waterfront,
On Hallows Eve, the beast doth hunt...

You hear its howl by the autumn moon,
Even when October takes place in June.
You shan't escape, e'en if you try,
The coaster built by GCI.

The file available here is a plain track file (.td6) rather than an entire park, since the park uses custom scenery and cheats and will only run in OpenRCT2. The track itself is compatible with standard RCT2 and RCTC. It will not work in RCT3.

Full park available here:

Section Tracks
Type Wooden
File Size 385 bytes
Date Uploaded Jun 8, 2017



Titan XV

Hello Everyone. I would have liked to have seen this coaster as it was a winner, but when I downloaded the coaster into Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 the same way I have donne so many before this is the 1st 1 to tell me none of the pieces connect to each other. The creator says it should be compatible with Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 but upon this experience I would ay that it isn't compatible or that the track is truly broken. This is just mho.

Terry Inferno

I've updated the description accordingly, though it's unclear why it would work in standard (non-Open) RCT2 and not RCT3. The track is not broken, but it may violate a minor limitation that exists in RCT3 but not in RCT2. The track is banked very unusually, so that may be a contributing factor. No cheats or hacks were used to build the track itself.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I never use RCT3, so I leave it up to the RCT3 players to determine if my tracks are rideable.


I don't know I'd have to see it for myself in order to determine weather it works in RCT3 or not


I tried and you're right it won't load I don't know what limitation of RCT3 it violates though

Terry Inferno

SupraTheHedgehog and I have determined that the one piece preventing this track from working in RCT3 is the chain at the top end of the lift hill that faces downward. While RCT2 players are advised to include this seemingly insignificant element when building realistic GCI layouts, it is apparently not possible to build lift hills traveling downward in RCT3.


Ahha! So if the user were to remove that chain on the downhill part and replace it it would work in RCT3