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No CS required. Blocks are built using generic walls and pipe sections, so this coaster can be built in any park with mechanical scenery.

Inspired by Legoland California's Technic Coaster, this Wild Mouse puts a twist on the design by encasing it with a wall of humongous Lego blocks. It's possibly the first time this has ever been done in RCT2 without the use of CS.

The layout is not based on similar existing rides at Legoland parks, so it is not meant to be a recreation.

The entire coaster, including the Lego blocks, fits into a 13x9 area.

Section Tracks
Type Wild Mouse
File Size 14.09 KB
Date Uploaded Oct 16, 2016




Instant feature. I have NEVER seen something so intricate, yet simple, all in one roller coaster on RCT2. Very very impressive, Terry!

Skylander Katfish

Now that's called creativity! This is a nice idea for fun little kids parks i can make.