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The ultimate Lego-land theme park with 13 roller-coasters, 13 flat rides, and three water rides. Includes something for everyone the bravest and youngest. Includes lego models, lego buildings and lego scenery built all around the park.

It's roller-coasters are four caterpillars completely different, a dragon coaster with dark ride section a inverted roller coaster, two wooden coasters including one twin track, a 200 feet hyper roller coaster, a RMC, a suspended swinging coaster and a launch coaster with plenty of coasters for the children!

It has a go-karts track, drop towers and much more flats. It has a river rapids built for the park, water coaster and indoor log flume ride.

1. Blue Climb (Caterpillar)
2. Boa (Inverted coaster with vertical loop)
3. Caterpillar
4. Caterpillar’s Granny Smith
5. Dragon (Junior coaster with dark ride section)
6. Dragon Depth (Wooden coaster)
7. Equalizer
8. Legoview (200 feet lego coaster through lego theming)
9. Rapid RMC (RMC using rapids tunnel)
10. The Bat (Suspended swinging coaster)
11. The Grand National
12. Torque (79 mph launch with 4 inversions)
13. Wendigo (Caterpillar)

Thrill Flat Rides
14. Ascendance (Drop Tower)
15. Genie
16. Go Karts
17. Hammer Swing
18. Hyper Jump (Drop Tower)
19. Storm Surge
20. Tangled Flare
21. The Screaminator (Roto-drop)
22. Tri-Storm
23. Victory (Pirate ship)

Gentle Flat Rides
24. Chair O-Plane
25. Star Wheel
26. Tea Cups
27. The Aeroanuts

Water Rides
28. Rock Cascade (Water coaster)
29. Rolling River (River rapids)
30. Viking Drenching (Indoor log flume)

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Date Uploaded Sep 14, 2020
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