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Something about strolling along the path around this massive coaster makes guests yearn for the 1920s and the 1980s simultaneously. This is because guests are strolling around a roller coaster that captures both decades--and for some reason, baseball--better than almost any other in the world.

Built in a very small, admission-free amusement park, Lightning Express combines high large drops and speeds with an old-fashioned rickety ride experience, paying homage to both older and newer wooden roller coasters. Ranging from small airtime hills to towering plunges, Lightning Express has every kind of drop a wooden roller coaster enthusiast* enjoys.

See final screenshot for ratings.

*Referring to enthusiasts of wooden roller coasters, not roller coaster enthusiasts who are made of wood.

Section Tracks
Type Wooden
File Size 13.27 KB
Date Uploaded Nov 12, 2015




Nice work!


Love this Coaster


Looks like a spin-off of Texas Giant