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Welcome to Little City !

The city where magic is everywhere :)
Visitors can travel by monorail, underground monorail or by bus.

They find skyscrapers, Amsterdam buildings, the lake, the prehistoric zone and the pool complex with Pirat theme.

Every attraction is within a building except for the Amusement Plazza with circus, karaoke and fun house.

Enjoy :)

>>NO CS needed<<

Section Parks
File Size 16.41 MB
Date Uploaded Mar 15, 2019




I'm very impressed. We build alike. Aside from using Das Matzes (sic) transportation pack, I use no custom scenery because I've had too many problems with them. People with good intentions have caused me many hours of frustration and game crashes. Great work. I build a lot of dark rides (including water rides). I build in the sandbox mode almost exclusively but I set a personal goal of 10 years, 5000 guests and a park value of M. I rarely fail at my goal, lol. Anyways, I just wanted to compliment your work!


just WOW, super amazing park! Awesome detailing...One of the best I've seen. I'm now about to upload my very first park here ("Sydney Park"), maybe you can have a look and see if u like... Anyways, great job!!