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Little Foot is my design for my playthrough of my 'Route 66' scenario. A scenario where you have to build 10 roller coasters with an excitment of over 6 with the added challenge of keeping all track, path and ride buildings within the 6x6 plots.

Now clearly a Monster Trucks ride is not a roller coaster, but in order to boost the guest numbers and the park profits we need more rides to fit in the 6x6 slots.

The showcase video can be viewed here

The playlist for all the 6x6 rides can be viewed here

(Some scenery objects may overhang the 6x6 area by one tile but all track, ride buildings and entrance/exit paths are within the 6x6 area).

Section Tracks
Type Monster Trucks
File Size 3.28 KB
Date Uploaded Sep 21, 2023