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Little Saint Nick

Requires RCT2 or RCT Classic 6 screenshots 1 comment

Ho, ho, hOOOOh, yeah, baby! Woo! On, Dasher! On, Dancer! On, everyone else! It's time to tear up the North Pole skies tonight! Hey, if we gotta travel around the world and give out gazillions of toys every Christmas Eve, we might as well make it worth our while, right?

Now you mortal humans can enjoy the thrills I get while blazing through the air on my way to your neighborhood through this roller coaster. And you don't even have to worry about cramming your way into a gazillion tiny chimney openings either.

Excitement: 8.95
Intensity: 9.92
Nausea: 5.78

Wooden Roller Coaster
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Date Uploaded
Dec 17, 2016


1 comment

Game Master Man

Love it Dude