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Lofty Lakes

A large, heavily developed park in need of true greatness, Lofty lakes is in your hands to make it the best park on this earth. Roller coasters, thrill rides, waterslides, oh my!

- Guests in Park: 1000 (any time)
- Minimum 2 inversions (one coaster)
- Park Rating: 950 (for 2 months)
- Minimum excitement: 6.0 (one coaster)

- Minimum length: 850m (one coaster)
- Minimum +G: 5 (one coaster)
- Guests in clean pool complex (180)
- Repay loan
- Guests in Park: 1200 (any time)

- Park Value: 200,000 (any time)

Plus a few challenges that just so happen to be impossible/way too hard. Good luck!

Section Scenarios
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Date Uploaded Jul 29, 2021
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