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Lokiji is a green machine that's designed mainly for thrills. This ride took a long time to make. I hope you like it. Who's ready to ride?

A whole lot of CS needed:
stylethemedckef_rock side lagoon set v2.0style
stylethemedcoasterfreak-station platformstyle
stylethemedcoasterjoesb&m connectorsstyle
stylethemedcoasterjoespathway extensions v.1style
stylethemedcpciscosb&m footersstyle
stylethemedgadget goodies for coaster set-flat parts-style
stylethemedgary roach prod-b&m goodiesstyle
stylethemedmoby's steel jungle v1style
stylethemedn7 big treesstyle
stylethemedn7 ornamental treesstyle
stylethemedn7 ornamental treesiistyle
stylethemedold spice's vegetation setstyle
stylethemedold-spice's maple tree'sstyle
stylethemedold-spice's treesstyle
stylethemedwebertrees mega packstyle
stylethemedxiwilldestroyouallx b&m coaster addonsstyle
trackstrackedridesctr_brandon-b&m floorlessctr_brandon-b&m floorless
stylethemedmagus-dorney entrancestyle

Yep, it's a lot. It's worth it.

Section Tracks
Type B&M Floorless CTR
File Size 3.48 MB
Date Uploaded Mar 12, 2015
Liked by SamDogy