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the coaster is listed as an Intamin Blitz type CTR. Maybe that's why the test results I got were so large. Excitement was beyond my belief and I ran the coaster on test 3 times and got the same ratings. Excitement = 53.55 Uber-extreme
Intensity = 5.77 High
Nausea = 4.11 Medium
Max Speed = 70.75 mph
Avg. Speed = 32.50 mph

CS's used for the building were Cityjk's light set 2, Coaster Freaks station, Mac's SFOG.
Please enjoy and comments are welcome as usual.

Section Tracks
Type Intamin Blitz CTR
File Size 105.83 KB
Date Uploaded Aug 1, 2019




I am trying to use your coaster but it is saved as a trk and I cannot get it to load. Am I missing something?


put it in Documents/RCT3/coasters. That is where it should be.