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Long Long Park was built on a long island using The original Rollercoaster Tycoon (Plus the 2 expansions) CD version. Timelapse of the park being built: https://youtu.be/ihNlSDLjFBs

I make jam-packed fantasy parks - That's my thing!

Section Parks
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Date Uploaded Mar 6, 2023


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You are my very only fee favorite rct1 players I have ever seen in my life! I mostly like all of your rct1 parks and scenarios I seen on YouTube as I was never good at rct1 except I was only good for rct2 then sucked at rct3 as I'm grateful I had rct2 most of my life as I'm not ashamed of! I always imagine think of your parks being real In life I would so often go to! Hope to see more from you and that you keep playing rct as I won't get to later on as I finally finished building parks scenarios I picked for 15 long years!