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Looping The Rainbow is a Looping Coaster and is the spotlight coaster at Candy Land Park (opening soon) and is a Peep Favorite. This coaster is a single track, racing coaster. After the climb through the butterfly field the coasters race down the 113 ft. drop and then one goes into a double helix at the candy patch and the other goes through a boomerang with some more butterflies. The coasters then both endure three loops each. Then one enters a double helix and the other meets a half corkscrew, into a twist, then another half corkscrew into a half loop. Riders are then returned to the station.

E: 7.65
I: 6.24
N: 2.73

(uploaded as a sandbox so scenery and landscaping will be included cause Excitement ratings are lower w/o scenery)

Section Tracks
Type Roller Coaster
File Size 1.54 MB
Date Uploaded May 1, 2011




I love the way you colored the tracks!


How to colour the tracks like that?

Twin Coasters Inc.

To color the track like I did you click on the scenery icon, then the custom building icon (it looks like a frame in the shape of a house) then click the icon that looks like a paint brush then you can pick the colors and then just click on the track piece and it will color it.
You can also color anything that is color-able this way.


this is amazing .....


how do u add it to the game...

Twin Coasters Inc.

Hey mrnick61, add it to your parks file. it is located in "my documents/RCT3/Parks" hope this helped.

Twin Coasters Inc.

Thanks for the comments. So have any of you added to the park? Share some pics. Just start a thread and show me what you've done with it.

Have Fun!


Good for my park! peeps like it. I always see peeps says: ''I was here forever for Looping the rainbow''. i never close this ride. close only breakdown! :D:))


Can I download the Park like in the screenshots?

Twin Coasters Inc.

@ Razor, yes, I uploaded park as is in screenshots.


There is no parks folder. Everyone is always saying to add it to the Parks folder and there isn't one. The only P folders I have are Particle Effects, Particles, Path, People, Pool. That's it, no Park folder.

Phoenix Coaster.Inc

for Libby:

Go to my document

find ''RCT3'' folder

In that folder you can find park folder! ;).

for TwinCoasters Inc.:

Hmm I think to color the track doesn't use tricks that you say (3rd comment)

Twin Coasters Inc.

@ Phoenix Coaster.Inc, my friend that is not a trick, it is how you do it.


ah.....good coaster...
@ Twin Coasters Inc, Phoenix Coasters .Inc now never online in rctgo. I am Phoenix Coasters.Inc Friend! ;D


...A Breathtaking Ride... MAGNIFICENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...


W...W...Wait... All I Got Was A Park With No Rides To Get And Also No Rides To Pick...