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Video: https://youtu.be/F3JGCqwUZAY

Ratings: very high, very high, medium. See second sreenshot for all stats.

CS used: Fisherman's flags. Included in download. (Also included is a version without the flags.)

Section Tracks
Type hybrid coaster (OpenRCT2)
File Size 5.43 KB
Date Uploaded Aug 26, 2022




I really like many of your coaster designs! You are really creative. However, the hybrid designs are not something I am comfortable using. Could you include a non-hybrid version of the rides like the one above, or tell me if there is a way to convert the hybrids into one of the original designs such as twister or vertical drop?


@Flipside82: Thanks! The hybrid coaster has specific pieces of track (for example the steep lift hill) that other coaster types don't have. So I can't rebuild the hybrid coaster as another coaster type. If you download the latest version of OpenRCT2 it should be no problem to use the hybrid coaster type (and also the single rail coaster type, see my other recent upload).

Supra G.L.

Have you tried using the new pieces for the hybrid, single rail and flying coasters? They are quite game changer!
Love your tracks, as usual. ❤️


@Supra: Thanks! I haven't tried out the new pieces yet.