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NOTICE: This download uses the new .park format introduced by OpenRCT2, which dramatically raises all limits of the previous SV6/SC6 format. As such, it will only work in current .park test builds that can be found on the OpenRCT2 GitHub's Actions page. Note that you need to have a GitHub account and be signed in to it to download the latest .park test builds. Later on, an OpenRCT2 release build will be made that uses the .park format.

With that said, here is Luminous Landscapes, Vertigo Views's blue cousin, revamped to be free of the limits of SV6.

For the non-.park format version, see this link: https://rctgo.com/downloads/view/luminous-landscapes.21314

Section Scenarios
File Size 97.95 KB
Date Uploaded May 25, 2021