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Video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtDkaRsTNIM


Lyndvior is a B&M inverted coaster located on the small island in the Mediterranean Sea and has many interesting elements such as batwing, barrel roll, loop, helix turn.

I don't know whether you think this is a bit short. But Lyndvior will be fun enough to not regret.

Hope enjoy!


Section Tracks
Type B&M Inverted Roller Coaster
File Size 3.39 MB
Date Uploaded Dec 22, 2014




The track layout is absolutely well done! The partly given symmetry also scores. Even so, the ride itself is not that realistic because the velocity is mostly too high for my flavour. Despite that I know how difficult it is to support an inverted coaster in RCT3, the supports are perfectly placed. The main square with the varied buildings underline your creativity favourably. The lanscape is nice. But more terrain instead of that much water, that is what I miss. Resultant evaluation:

Track layout: 5 of 5 ; realistic score: 4 of 5 ; supports: 5 of 5 ; scenery: 9 of 10.
All in all, 23 points out of 25 totally. +1 like

A well-earned 'Built It!' track. Congratulations, nazmakhan!


CS list? Anyway, looks cool!